Care For Your Stopwatch

Caring for your stopwatch

The temperature operating range for stopwatches is between -10 to 65 degrees Centigrade, so you must protect your stopwatch from extreme heat and cold. Do not place your stopwatch on the dashboard of your car or in a place with direct exposure to sunlight, e.g. a windowsill.

Avoid allowing the stopwatch to come into contact with sunscreen, moisturisers, hair products, colognes and perfumes or other cleaning/toiletry products as it can cause deterioration to the plastic parts. If your stopwatch does come into contact with any of these products wipe it off immediately with a dry, soft cloth.

If the stopwatch requires cleaning use a lightly moistened cloth. If there are any stubborn stains or marks apply a mild soap to the area.  Do not use strong chemicals such as gasoline, cleaning solvents, acetone, alcohol or insect repellents.

Store your stopwatch in a dry place.

Never attempt to disassemble or service your stopwatch.