Stop Watches Australia

At Telsonic Imports it’s important to us you not only get a quality stopwatch at a good
price, but also one suited to your needs.

What Stopwatch Do You Need?

A stopwatch is a handheld device that records how much time has elapsed during a specific period. All stopwatches come with this function; however some come with other, more advanced functions which dictate the activity they are best suited to.

Knowing which stopwatch is for you can be a little tricky, so we have compiled a list of the common functions stopwatches have as well as which activities are best suited to which stopwatch. No matter what the activity, we will have a stopwatch for you.

All of our stopwatches come with a lanyard to you can hang it safely around your neck.

A cumulative split refers to a specific time that you choose to record with your stopwatch. You stopwatch will continue to rung in the background. This function lets you record your lap time. All of our stopwatches have this function.

A lap split measures the time frame in between each cumulative split time. For example: if your cumulative split shows a lap completed at five minutes then another lap finished at the ten minute mark, the lap split will measure the time frame in between those two laps. Our ST1003 and ST1004 have this function.

The function enables you to view all of your past splits. Our ST1003 and ST1004 have this function.

This function allows you to set an alarm for a specific time, for example as a wake-up alarm or to sound when a workout session should end. Our ST1001, ST1002, ST1004 and ST1010 have this function.

This refers to an allotted time you can set for any task or workout. Once the time has reached zero, the stopwatch/timer will sound. Our ST1003, CL301, CL302 and CL306 have this function.

This function is mainly used for rowing and swimming and measures your stroke rate per minute. Our ST004 has this function.

When you want to maintain a specific rate per minute, you need a stopwatch with a pacer function. Most stopwatches will beep from 30-240 per minute. Our ST1003 has this function.

We want to make sure you get the right stopwatch or timers, so we have provided a list of activities and which one of our Leeda products it suits

Activity Stopwatch Options
Horse Riding ST1004
Swimming ST1001, ST1002, ST1004, ST1010
Interval Training CL301, ST1003
Running ST1001, ST1002, ST1003, P089A, ST1010
Circuit CL301, ST1003
Netball/Basketball CL302, CL306
Boxing CL301, ST1002
Cycling ST1001, ST1002
Rowing ST1004
Beep Testing ST1003
Walking P089A, ST1001, ST1002, ST1010

Quality Stopwatches At Great Prices

We have spent several years sourcing the best quality stopwatches and timers, each with specific functions to perfectly suit your needs.

The ST1001 is a great basic stopwatch that also comes with an alarm and clock.


The ST1002 is a great basic stopwatch that also comes with an alarm and clock.


The ST1003 has it all: timer, clock, stopwatch, recall, pacer and alarm.


The ST1004 has an amazing 100 lap recall, which makes it the stopwatch for horse racing and riding and with its stroke rate function it is also great for rowing and swimming.


The ST1010 is great for those on a budget and is a basic stopwatch with an alarm and clock.



The CL301 is great for interval based training. It comes with the option of two intervals (one for activity and one for a rest period) and can also be used as a count-down timer.


The CL302 is perfect for all court sports and comes with a count-down timer, count-up timer a 24hr or 12hr clock and a handy memory function.

The CL306 is a great timer for court sports as it has count-up and count-down functions. The options of a sounded, flashing or vibrating alarm means it is great for people with sensory difficulties.


The P089A is an A-grade pedometer which comes with a handy clock and the ability to store your step count for a week.




“Having just a vibrate feature is what gives the CL306 the edge. Some of our clients have sensory overload issues and loud alarms are a no-go. The gentle vibrate alerts them without startling them.”

Carer, CL306 Owner

“The CL302 timer is perfect for timing netball games and the memory feature means I only have to programme it once. It also has a clear and loud alarm, which is important during noisy matches.”

Netball Referee, CL302 Owner

“I’m not sure how I ever did personal training without my ST1001. It’s perfect for timing sets of my clients and is comfortable in the hand.”

Personal Trainer, ST1001 Owner